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What is Musical DNA?

Musical DNA is a new way to visualize Music and Sound.

Invented with roots in Music Education, Musical DNA has direct applications in

3 Significant Business Segments:  

Education (Music Education and Child Development/Enrichment);  Entertainment (Live Performance, Music Video Gaming - for Real, Music Production, and Music Publishing/Copyright);  and Engineering (Audio EQ, Instrument Tuning/Calibration, Speech Therapy, Sound and Voice ID)

Why Musical DNA?


We have the PATENTED algorithm for our inherited Musical Language!

Synaptic Overlap:  the more ways you overlap something for the brain

(Geometry, Color, Musical Sound), the easier it is for the Brain to

Process, Communicate and Remember!

Musical DNA provides better tools for, experiencing, producing, searching, sharing, and interacting with Music and Sound!

"The imagination that has produced Musical DNA is surpassed only by the potential it holds. I urge educators, artists, entrepreneurs and any who hold curiosity about innovative applications to diverse fields to give it a serious look."

Joel M. Harrison, DMA,

Artistic Director and President

American Pianists Association

"Musical DNA's creative and exciting new approach to teaching music theory adds a new dimension to music education."

Glen Kwok

Executive Director

International Violin Competition of Indianapolis

"Musical DNA represents the newest innovation in music technology.  I believe MDNA is on the brink of changing the landscape of music education, recording, and production and spreading the enjoyment and understanding of the musical experience to more people than ever before."

Matt Carter, Founder & President,

Music Crossroads- Indianapolis

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